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About Us

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How we got started...

The Local Knot is a one man woodworking shop located in Denver, Colorado. The business was founded in 2021 by Konrad Stefanek. Konrad is the woodworker and the designer but he is not shy to ask his wife Hilary for help around the business side of things.

When my wife and I bought our home, we were often frustrated at either the poor quality and character of furniture for sale or the high price tag. After months of searching, we started to design the pieces we wanted and decided to build it ourselves!

"Our goal is to provide quality, unique, handmade, wood items to customers looking for specific pieces that they will be proud to own."

Our services

Off-the-shelf items: We are constantly designing and building new products but there are several common items or some of our previous best sellers that you can find in our shop. If any of the items are out of stock feel free to reach out if you would like to pre-order.

Custom work: If there is something specific you are looking for please feel free to reach out with ideas and/or pictures. You can browse our gallery for ideas. All items you find in our gallery can be made to order. 

Local businesses: We support some of our local businesses right here in Denver.  Previous experience working with real estate agents, restaurants, coffee shops, renewable developers and other corporate customers that are looking to market themselves or purchase some in-house swag.


If you have any questions about our services please feel free to reach out to us.

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